Code Of Ethics

Fund Managers Central Ltd Code Of Ethics

1. Introduction

The business of Fund Managers Central Ltd is the management of Group Investment Funds

This Code of Ethics sets out the ethical and behavioural standards expected of the directors, officers and staff (collectively the company personnel) of Midlands Funds Management Limited (“the company”). In these standards, any reference to the company also applies to any Fund under the company’s management.

2. Conflicts of Interest

The company personnel must ensure that their individual interests do not interfere or appear to interfere with the company’s interests.

Other than with the prior consent of the company, no company personnel shall be significantly engaged in or have a material direct or indirect interest in any business or undertaking which is in competition with the company, except as a minor shareholder in an NZX listed or equivalent company.

3. Receipt and Use of Corporate Information

The company personnel must protect the confidentiality of all non-public information about the company and its associates.

In particular, company personnel must not use company information for any purpose, other than legitimate business purposes, including personal gain.  All communications with the News media and Financial Markets shall be by the General Manager or the Directors.

4. Receipt and Use of Corporate Assets and Property

Company personnel must use their best endeavours to protect the company’s assets and property from loss, damage, misuse, waste and theft.

Company personnel must only use the company’s assets and property in their care and control for the legitimate business purposes of the company and will not use that property for any other purpose, including personal gain.

5. Proper Attention

Company personnel will give proper attention to all matters that come before them and will engender an open communication environment that results in all material items being brought to the attention of the appropriate person within the company at the first reasonable opportunity.

6. Financial Markets Registration

Midlands Mortgage Trust is licensed under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 as a manager of registered schemes. VIEW Licence here