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Coronavirus – COVID19 / OCR update

Coronavirus – COVID19 is a hot topic. This, and the OCR rate drop today (16th March), will lead to our current and prospective clients to ask: how does this affect lending and investments?

The short answer for Midlands is that our business model does not change. We look for quality loans, with great servicing and security, in order to ensure a consistent return to our investors. The property sector is not experiencing the volatility we are seeing in equity markets. At this time, there is no reason to see this changing, albeit some activity may take longer than originally thought. We know interest rates will stay low, especially with the interest rate announcement today, so we offer a considerable premium to our investors. The setting of our investment rate is primarily dependant on the rates we lend at. Our exposure to the OCR is via the cash we hold in the fund, and therefore very limited.

So, we at Midlands are very much in a business as a usual mindset, but as any responsible community-minded business, keeping our eyes and ears close to events.

We welcome any query on 0800 870 326. Tobias Taylor, CEO @ Midlands.