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Our Income Pie Fund delivers a consistent rate of return with high levels of capital security.


Quarterly return


10 year annual return

From as little as $10,000, your monies are pooled with other investors monies and this forms the
Fund. The Fund is used to invest in a quality diversified portfolio of New Zealand property secured by first ranking mortgages.
The Fund is designed to weather market volatility and strives to always outperform the banks one-year fixed term deposit rate.
We have a very low appetite for risk, and this guides our investment strategy. Each investment
opportunity is evaluated with care, undergoes rigorous credit assessment, personal due diligence and is monitored during its lifetime.

We take the time to truly understand the investment. We are both pragmatic and practical, we rely on
our experience and extensive knowledge of New Zealand’s property market but we also like to get our
feet dirty on site visits. We never take the trust you place in us for granted.
You receive a regular income paid every quarter. And unlike our Income Fund, you set your tax rate
(your Prescribed Investor Rate) based on your last two years income. For individuals this is 10.5%,
17.5% or 28%. The income you receive from your investment will be provided to the IRD.

We like to keep it simple, easy, and efficient.

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