Midlands Income Wholesale Fund

A fund designed by experts, with you in mind.

Our Wholesale Fund is a tailored investment for wholesale investors. The fees, term and structure of the investment are bespoke and matched to your needs and requirements.

The Fund is open to institutional investors and individuals who meet the eligibility criteria outlined below. It provides access to the Midlands Income Fund but at a lower fee structure and therefore higher returns, in exchange for a larger fixed term investment. Returns are paid quarterly, and we target (but do not assure) a return of 2.5% to 3% above New Zealand registered commercial banks’ 1 year term deposit rates.

We pride ourselves on our low-risk approach. It guides our investment process, hands-on due diligence and investment monitoring. The Fund invests indirectly through the Midlands Income Fund in quality loans secured by first ranking mortgages over residential, commercial and rural property throughout New Zealand. The portfolio comprises a broad range of mortgage types, interest rates, maturity dates and geographical locations.

Only qualifying investors can invest in our Wholesale Fund. Click here for our Wholesale Investor Certificate and Eligible Investor Certificate.

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